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Excellent teachers

“The faculty and staff are the central strength of the school. They have impressed me as being highly dedicated, well trained and caring persons … The wonderfully warm and enthusiastic comments of the students about the teachers and their relationships with them and the principals was a singular tribute.”
Dr. Joseph J. Blaney, Consultant for Educational Governance, Management and Leadership and former Director of the United Nations International School, New York

ISD Educators can be described as multi-talented, dynamic, experienced, supportive, multi-lingual and creative, but what makes them unique is their strong belief in the importance of a quality education and their determination to make a difference in society.

An emphasis on contemporary teaching methodology is underpinned by an extensive professional development programme for every faculty and staff member.

By accepting this responsibility and the extra effort it often requires to fulfil this goal, our faculty has created an environment of international cooperation throughout the years. By devoting themselves to their work, many teaching here at ISD for 5, 10, 15 or more than 20 years, supporting one another and communicating beyond borders, our faculty is a true reflection of the ISD Educational Principles taught. Their success lies in their genuine concern and the ability to communicate this concern to their students and the entire ISD Community.

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