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Student admissions

Dear Parent,

As you visit our website, we hope you feel how important it is to us that you are well informed before making that final commitment. Selecting a school for your child is a very important decision.  

Please take your time to carefully visit our entire website.

How to engage in the Admissions process?

We are happy to send you all the forms and admissions requirements. Should you have questions and require further information, then we recommend you contact Christine Proctor or Máire Reynolds, who will answer your questions and gladly assist you during your decision-making process.


Scholarship information

We thank you for considering the International School of Düsseldorf and hope to welcome you and your family to our campus in the near future.

Please contact us first so we can plan and make time for you.

Tel. +49 (0)211 9406 800  Mrs. Christine Proctor (for host-country applicants)  

 +49 (0)211 9406 761  Mrs. Máire Reynolds, (for expatriate applicants)

Fax. +49 (0)211 40 80 774

Email: proctor@isdedu.de and reynolds@isdedu.de

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