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Strategic Plan

Leadership and management

Ensure leadership throughout the school has the necessary skills, tools and framework to ensure long term stable governance

1. Review our organizational structures
2. Implement the most essential, effective, efficient and supportive methods and tools
3. Establish a procedure to ensure smooth leadership transitions

Learning and education

Develop confident, creative and critical thinkers through continuous enhancement of the learners’ experience

1. Articulate and communicate an understanding of what it means to be a “confident, creative and critical thinker”
2. Align a community understanding
3. Extend the concept of centres of excellence to all areas of the school programme
4. Create a network of like-minded organisations and access top minds as long-term partners to challenge and support our learning community

Learning environment

Continuously enhance our learning environment to be inspiring, modern, safe and efficient

1. Develop and implement a facility master plan in support of emerging needs
2. Develop, implement and maintain a SHE plan that promotes a culture of physical security, environmental responsibility and personal well-being
3. Develop, implement and continuously evaluate technology to support advances in learning


Recruit, support, develop and retain employees who can fulfil the mission

1. Ensure recruitment process focuses on the ability to fulfil the mission
2. Complete, implement and systematically review the appraisal system to provide a focus for school-wide, department and individual professional development goals in addition to supporting the standards and expectations of the school
3. Ensure that salary and benefit packages are competitive in the local and global markets


Ensure long term financial stability and strengthen our financial position in order to achieve our strategic ambitions

1. Research and develop fundraising opportunities as additional revenue sources
2. Establish risk assessment and contingency management systems


Nurture and develop students to strive and achieve their academic, personal, physical and social goals within the framework of the learner profile

1. Ensure that differentiation occurs within the programmes and in the classrooms to allow the learners to achieve their academic goals
2. Review and evaluate the opportunities for personal, physical, and social development


Ensure that the ISD community is comprised of students and families who will benefit from our programme and represent a balance of nationalities

1. Develop and implement clear assessment criteria for student applications
2. Develop and implement a clear and effective admission policy and associated procedures


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