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Specialised in rapid integration

Expatriate students stay in Düsseldorf and at ISD for an average of 2.8 years. They come to ISD from all over the world, leaving their extended family and often their best friends behind. They arrive in a new world where they don’t understand the language spoken in their neighbourhood.

In order to help these expatriate children and their parents, ISD is one of the international schools with the most counsellors and support staff, who are especially attentive to the challenges of transition. In their classes students are learning to be open to different cultures, to work in teams with students from other parts of the world and to new friendships.

At ISD every student has the equivalent of one period of German daily in order to be able to integrate into its local surroundings and to take part in local life while staying in Germany. At ISD we believe that international and global savvy can only grow parallel to local engagement.

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