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Professional development

Every teacher is able to access a personal professional development fund. This money is for any course or conference which will help you develop your career as an educator. 

It does not need to be in the subject area you have been hired to teach. It can be used to learn German, to get that Masters degree, to gain an administrator’s qualification. It is subject to the Director's approval.

You can save this allowance for up to three years (perhaps you want to go to a conference in the States), but after three years it is “Use it or lose it”.

In addition to this, there is the professional development we consider essential for the school. Because we carry IBO authorization throughout all grade levels, there is an expectation that all our teachers will avail themselves of IB training at regular intervals. We have to do this, so we pay for it. 

Sometimes we find a particular course we want you to attend. In this case, when we say ”We want you to go here and learn about this, and come back and tell us all about it”, we pay for everything.

When one of our teachers presents a workshop at a reputable conference, the school benefits by showing the world just how great our teachers are. So, if you present at one of these conferences, we pay for everything.


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