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Well-trained and experienced counsellors are available in both the Elementary and Senior School. The counsellors work together with students, teachers and parents, finding solutions for challenges students may be facing.

Parents are welcome to meet with the counsellors.

ISD's Counsellors are:

Keith Layman                                                                                        Department Head                                                                                         Grades 11-12 Counsellor (A-K)

Ginny Reiss
Grades 11-12 Counsellor (L-Z)

Satoko Endo-Crum                                                                                                 Counsellor for Senior School Japanese students                                          

Marlene Mika
Grades 6 -10 Counsellor                                                   

Veronica Hughes-Friederichs                                                                        Counsellor for Reception to Grade 5                                           

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