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We aim to develop the students’ ability to understand the Japanese language accurately and to express themselves appropriately, deepen their interest in linguistic culture, enrich their sense of language, and to develop an attitude of respect for the Japanese language and culture.

Students learn to express themselves by

  • selecting the proper words in order to describe the object accurately, and to use these words in conformity with the context
  • selecting and arranging suitable topics and material according to the purpose

We aim at eliciting the students’ understanding of the Japanese language so they can

  • comprehend accurately the subject and points of a speech and passage in accordance with the description
  • comprehend the writer’s way of developing an idea and his points of emphasis, by paying attention to the structure and development of the passage
  • widen their way of observing, feeling and thinking about things through reading, and to deepen one’s idea about the human being, society, nature, etc.

We help them

  • to understand the structure of a passage and sentence, the function of words, and the ways of description in the Japanese language
  • to understand the meaning and usage of words, and to enrich their vocabulary
  • to become accustomed to reading Chinese characters designated for daily use, and to be able to write most of them.

Students are assessed on three criteria:

  • the content of their work
  • the organization of their work
  • the language use and style of their work.

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