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In the German Department we firmly believe that language:

  • is one of the keys to promoting international understanding, tolerance, and peace;
  • enables the student to realize and develop his/her full potential and identity.

In our German courses we seek to convey that learning the German language within the native environment opens the door of communication between people of different cultural backgrounds and leads to a better understanding of present-day German society, its history and traditions.

In our native speakers´ courses in grades 6 to 8 we focus on language as an important tool that needs to be mastered efficiently in order to prepare the students to be able to work with literature and to develop critical thinking skills.

In grades 9 to 12 native classes we seek to further the students´ appreciation of literature, to develop critical thinking skills and to master the language as an efficient tool also for the study of other disciplines. We believe that through the study of literature students will be able to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and of an individual in society. Literature also offers the students the opportunity to experience and evaluate ways of thought which differ from their own.

Consequently, both the German as a second language and native speakers´ curriculum present a progressive course of study which gives insight into basic structures and functions of the language, emphasizes communication and ultimately leads to an understanding and appreciation of literature.

In order to serve the needs of our students who come from different backgrounds with different experiences and either start German, continue their studies or enter native speaker classes, we provide a wide range of courses.

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