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We believe language is essential to most human activities. It is the principal means, by which we experience, create and interpret the changing world in which we live. It is the way we think and communicate.

We believe that learning other languages is essential in a global world. It allows students to gain access to realities beyond their native language concepts and thus contributes to international understanding.

In our language courses, we aim to provide a programme that allows students to develop proficiency in the target language. In addition, our courses strive to offer a range of opportunities to become better acquainted with the culture, customs, history and geography of the countries where the language is spoken.

We believe that learning other languages raises the students’ awareness as citizens of the world; it opens them to international exchange; helps them to become capable of critical analysis and appreciation; and enables them to be more aware of their own identity, language and culture.

The language B curriculum for grades 6 to 10 at ISD is based on the MYP philosophy. It brings a holistic approach to learning, which provides students with opportunities to experience and explore the areas of interaction through the study of a foreign language.

Throughout the language B programme, students gain a better understanding of the learning process and become aware of their roles and responsibilities as members of a community. Additionally, students expand their learning by making connections to personal, social and global issues, thus developing their intercultural awareness.

French Beginners
This course aims at presenting the language and culture in a simple and lively fashion. The main focus of French Basic is based on the acquisition of a practical French vocabulary, imitation of the French sounds and a mastery of simple grammatical structures. Good pronunciation and proper spelling are stressed. Some of the topics are: personal presentation, ordering food, travelling, clothes…

French Intermediate
This course is a continuation of the beginners’ course. It focuses on consolidating basic structures as well as more complex structures. Authentic material is used to introduce topics such as school and education, sports and health, travelling, cafes, sports and health, cinema, TV, fashion…There also is an introduction to poetry.

French Advanced
This course continues the development of previously acquired skills. New grammatical structures such as compound tenses, passive voice, indirect style, and subjunctive…Vocabulary studied in depth to explore themes such as education, professional life, the media… There also is an introduction to literature.

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