Home away from home

Home away from home – Welcome to the entire family

As soon as a new family arrives at ISD, it is welcomed by the larger school community.  From the Admissions Managers to the Principals, parents as well as their children are invited to join in ISD’s life.  There is a Welcome Committee with parent ambassadors for almost every country represented in the school.  These parent ambassadors often are a real life-line for new parents in the first weeks in a totally new environment.

ISD has two registered nurses who can give every kind of information and advice in health matters. 

Parents also can get actively involved in the school through the Parent Volunteer Center (PVC).

Mornings at drop-off time and afternoons at pick-up time, parents are welcome to stop by and have a coffee with fellow parents.

Another parent initiative proves to be of great support to parents: the “Tuesday Morning Club".  Parents regularly invite experts to inform them about specific topics of interest to them as caring parents. 

“It’s vital that highly mobile families learn to deal well with the entire process of transition” (Pollock, David C., and Van Reken, Ruth E., The Third Culture Kid Experience – Growing Up among Worlds (1999) Intercultural Press,Inc. USA)  Besides being available for individual guidance, our counselors organise workshops for parents on transition and culture-shock.

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