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Parent volunteering

Over 200 parents come to ISD regularly during the school day and after school hours. They are not here to collect their children, they are not here delivering lunch-boxes left on the kitchen table, and they are not here to bring in assignments that were forgotten at home. They are here to volunteer their services to our community of learners, teachers and families.

ISD parent volunteers work to support students in their classrooms, in our libraries, on the playgrounds and in the cafeteria. They also have a unique and invaluable role as mentors in our Mentoring Programme.

Parents contribute enormously to our school's sense of community through their involvement in events like our weekly secondhand book sale, our monthly International Market, and our biannual Welcome Coffee, and our annual International Festival.

Our parent volunteer Welcome Committee ensures new ISD families have someone from their home culture to help them settle here.

Volunteers work to enhance the lives of other ISD families through their convening of an English Language Conversation Group for parents, by organizing a Parenting Skills Support Team who work closely with our Counselling Department, through publishing our ISD Quarterly magazine, and by running ISD´s Fathers for Fun group.

The volunteers from our Lions Club run the School Store and the Snack Bars, and offer a level of direct support, without which, our after-school sports programme and activities programme could not run.

ISD values volunteering to such a degree that we employ a Parent Volunteer Coordinator to help volunteers develop their programmes. We do this because we know that without our volunteers ISD would be an educational establishment to be proud of; but with them it can attain a sense of community that has a special place in all our lives.

For further information about volunteering at ISD, please contact: Louise Mather, pvc@isdedu.de

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