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Information technology

The approach to Information Technology (IT) in ISD is threefold. IT is a subject in its own right, where students are taught the necessary skills in computer and software usage. Integrating the use of Information Technology into other learning situations is also a central part of the course. Therefore a Language Arts class which wishes to do a book report, can avail of IT time and specialization to do this work, while the necessary skills will be delivered in specialization time. Providing the necessary services to the community, pupils and families is the third and very important section of the IT offering in ISD.

All classes, Grades 6 to Grade 10 have timetabled and scheduled IT class time, with an IT specialist. In the Elementary School IT is an integrated activity, with the classroom teacher using the tools of IT as a support for the classroom topic teaching.

Students in Grades 6 to 10 participate in the Middle Years Programme (MYP), and all take Technology as a compulsory MYP subject.  At ISD we offer two International Baccalaureate subjects: Computer Science and Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS), both at Standard Level and Higher Level.

The school is very well equipped with hardware and software. There are 2 computer labs fully scheduled for classes. There is a third computer lab which is block-booked for a group of students working with a teacher to produce the school’s yearbook, and this room is also available for teachers to book for class-time instruction.

We also have a Media Centre in the Elementary School, adjacent to the library, equipped with 24 desktops. This facility is used for the scheduled keyboarding classes, and also used by teachers who want a full class instruction session.

Every Elementary School classroom is equipped with 6 Intellidesk computers, and each grade level has a common laser printer, providing the Elementary classrooms with excellent centers of technology within the classroom.

The Media Centre for grades 6 to 8 is equipped with Intellidesks.
These desks have an integrated computer and flat screen display in the lid which pops up on demand to turn the desk into a computer work station.

The Senior School Library is also equipped with computers for student use, including a stand alone print station where floppy disks and CDs can be used.

Information Technology as a service industry is a key aspect of instruction in Elementary and Middle schools. The other teachers are invited to share the topic content of their teaching with the IT specialist, and the IT time can be used to facilitate the development of these topics. The entire school is networked, and all teachers have access to computer facilities in the faculty offices or Elementary School classrooms.

Internet access is constantly available through every workstation in the school, as the school has a permanent leased phone line for Internet access.

ISD has an intranet which is only accessible from within the school, and which provides the ISD community with many excellent and essential links to documents and teaching ideas. We also have a community link on our website and this link connects our whole community with our Virtual Workspace. Within this workspace are places for students and teachers to upload or download work from or onto a computer anywhere in the world, providing up to the minute access to set work anytime, anywhere! This Virtual Workspace also has community links, which enable our families to log in from any computer worldwide, and see interesting and important school-based information.

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