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Historical and international neighbourhood

Düsseldorf is the city with the highest standard of living in Germany and is the capital of North Rhine Westphalia, the most populous German federal state.

ISD’s neighbourhood, in the north of Düsseldorf, is one of Germany’s most attractive locations.

Kaiserswerth, historic suburb of Düsseldorf, is family-friendly and combines romantic charm with a modern infrastructure.

“Visitors from all around the world are enchanted by the wealth of historical treasures of Kaiserswerth: the imperial palace, built by emperor Frederic Barbarossa, the Suitbertus basilica from the 11th century, the idyllic court yard and the romantic corners and lanes of Kaiserswerth, in which several historic treasures are preserved.

An imperial palace with a governor, a convent with its own right of jurisdiction, and important market place and the crossing of two long-distance trade routes, the documented admission of independent citizens – Kaiserswerth had already in the second part of the 12th century all characteristics of an imperial city. 

This was at a time when Düsseldorf was still a small village and had not yet the freedom of a city (which it got around 100 years later).  But the imperial city of Kaiserswerth became poor during the 18th and the 19th century and was at last incorporated into the city of Düsseldorf in 1929.  Even today it still has its own unchangeable character as a historic jewel in the northern part of Düsseldorf.

For centuries, Kaiserswerth was a strong point of support for the German kings and emperors and played an important role in the history of Germany, whereas Düsseldorf was almost unknown.  57 imperial documents were issued in Kaiserswerth between the years 1050 and 1257 which show the important role of the former palace town.”
(Publication by the city and state capital of Düsseldorf, Historic Tour through Kaiserswerth, translated by the students of the International School of Düsseldorf)

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