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Dynamic business region


  • is in the heart of Europe and in the heart of the Rhine-Westphalia area with 11.5 million inhabitants
  • has 150 million inhabitants in a radius of 310 miles
  • is in one of the largest economic areas in Europe, comparable with London and Paris
  • has an above-average economic strength and purchasing power

Düsseldorf is a gathering point for expatriate managers and their families because it is at the very center of a dynamic business region. Japan has used Düsseldorf as a hub for trade in Europe for many years. Countries of the Middle East and the Far East, like China, Korea, Taiwan and India are following. For many multinational companies Düsseldorf is the preferred business location. 

Düsseldorf has

  • branch establishments of 5.000 foreign companies
  • an international airport
  • an important trade fair
  • the largest amount of Japanese companies in Europe
  • more than 70 consulates and foreign promotion organizations for business And tourism

Top branches in Düsseldorf are (besides fashion)

  • fair  (more than 40 international trade fairs)
  • trade (center with 2.500 wholesale and 4.000 retail houses)
  • ITKand media (leading hub for the information and communications sector)
  • advertising (Germany’s number 1 advertising center)
  • life sciences (biotech and research)
  • consulting (legal and corporate)

(adapted from: City of Düsseldorf, Office of Economic Development, publication “Düsseldorf, Your base in Europe”)

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