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For new parents, accreditation is an important assurance of quality. Parents need to ask which organizations do the accreditation, what form the inspections take and how often they occur.

Who accredits ISD?

ISD is the only school in Düsseldorf that carries full accreditation by the Council of International Schools. The Council of International Schools (www.cois.org) is a worldwide organization responsible for some 500 schools. Of these, only 170 carry full accreditation. CIS accreditation compels a school to commit to a programme of continuous improvement. 

ISD also is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (an American accreditation)

The accreditation process works through a ten-year cycle involving three inspections by trained external evaluators and extensive documentation of all school processes, from curriculum to safety to finances, which is externally assessed against CIS standards. ISD has successfully completed three accreditation cycles (one of only 16 such schools worldwide)

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