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Attractive Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is one of the cities with the highest standard of living in Germany and is the capital of North Rhine Westphalia, the most populous German federal state.

Düsseldorf is one of the world’s most prestigious fashion locations.

But Düsseldorf is also considered a city to feel at home in…

It is known as

  • the garden city: parks in the middle of town, avenues of trees, well-kept gardens
  • a city of culture: breath-taking international architecture, high quality
  • performances, renowned galleries, highly acclaimed exhibitions
  • one of the finest shopping boulevards in Europe (Königsallee)
  • city of sports with extended infrastructure
  • culinary city with hundreds of trendy pubs, restaurants and traditional brewery outlets in its old town as well as in its modern Media Harbor

Düsseldorf is

  • in the heart of Europe
  • in the heart of the Rhine-Westphalia area with 11,5 million inhabitants and of one of the largest economic areas in Europe, comparable to London and Paris


  • about one hour by plane from Paris or London
  • one of the densest motorway networks in Europe – two hours away from Brussels, Amsterdam or Frankfurt
  • Railway network with over 1.000 train connections per day to destinations in Germany and other European countries
  • 100 percent mobility at any time
  • third largest airport in Germany
  • 75 airlines and 180 destinations worldwide
  • airport station with over 300 train connections
  • 10 minutes from the trade fair location and 10 minutes from the city center

Düsseldorf has

  • branch establishments of 5.000 foreign companies
  • an international airport
  • an important trade fair
  • the largest amount of Japanese companies in Europe
  • more than 70m consulates and foreign promotion organizations for business and tourism

Top branches in Düsseldorf are (besides fashion)

  • fair (more than 40 international trade fairs)
  • trade (center with 2.500 wholesale and 4.000 retail houses)
  • ITK and media (leading hub for the information and communications sector)
  • advertising (Germany’s number 1 advertising center)
  • life sciences (biotech and research)
  • consulting (legal and corporate)

(adapted from: City of Düsseldorf, Office of Economic Development, publication “Düsseldorf, Your base in Europe”)

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