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The programme aims to encourage in students a respect for and understanding of the world around them, and provide a skills base from which to continue further study. This is achieved through the study of individuals, societies and environments in a wide context integrating historical, geographical, political, social, economic, religious, technological, cultural and contemporary perspectives.

The Humanities courses in Grades 6-10 are part of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IBMYP). The aim of the Humanities programme at ISD is to encourage students to gain and develop knowledge, conceptual understanding, research, analytical, interpretive and communication skills, as well as to contribute to the development of the student as a whole.

In Grades 11 and 12 the vast majority of students take the IB Diploma Group 3 subjects of Economics, Psychology (SL only) and History at either Standard or Higher Level. There are also non-IB courses in International Affairs and Business Economics.

The aims of the teaching and study of humanities at ISD are to encourage and enable the student to develop:

  • an inquiring mind
  • a sense of time and place
  • a respect and understanding of others’ perspectives, values, attitudes
  • awareness and understanding of people and cultures in a variety of places at different times
  • an understanding of the interactions and interdependence of individuals, societies, and their environments
  • an understanding of the causes and consequences of change through physical and human actions and processes
  • the skills necessary for the effective study of humanities
  • an understanding of contemporary humanities issues
  • a sense of internationalism and a desire to be proactive as a  responsible global citizen
  • an awareness of the links with other subjects
  • a lifelong interest in, and enjoyment of, humanities.

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