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Grade 10 Diploma for German students

Since ISD has Ersatzschulstatus in Northrhine – Westphalia, all students attending the native German language classes in grade 10 take part in the “Zentrale Lernstandsprüfungen”. These are standardized tests in English, German and mathematics at the end of the school year which are mandatory in  NRW and which allow the students to obtain the Fachoberschulreife or Mittlere Reife after grade 10.

Except for the full IB Diploma, this Fachoberschulreife or Mittlere Reife is the only ISD school diploma officially recognized by the German school authorities. The High School Diploma is not recognized in Germany.

The Fachoberschulreife or Mittlere Reife entitles students to leave school after grade 10 and start an apprenticeship or to attend the “gymnasiale Oberstufe” in a German school and continue their education up to the Abitur.

(For further information please refer to

Ute Raider, Schulleiterin Sek I /Didaktische Leiterin)

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