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A spirit of service (and philanthropy): ISD’s World Citizenship Projects

From the day it was founded, ISD considered a spirit of service to be an integral part of its raison d’être. What would later be called the Community and Service component of its educational programme became one of the pillars of its identity. Students, staff and parents alike have contributed thousands of hours of volunteer service and volunteer funds for projects that mainly help less privileged children.

For over twenty years, ISD has had a strong commitment to a “sister”-school in Tanzania. During the summer break, 11th grade students go to the Moringe Secundary School to teach; many Tanzanian students in Moringe are sponsored by ISD families.

During the annual Walkathon all ISD’s students and their teachers walk and run for hours to raise funds for a great variety of projects. A well-trained student panel carefully decides on the allocation of the funds amongst the applying charities.

Students committing a week to Habitat for Humanity discover during one week of hard work what it is to be a builder and how important it is for an underprivileged family to have an own modest house. .. Other students decide to join global issues networks in order to mobilize and be mobilized for challenges which require a broader, knowledgeable and concerted approach. Students in ISD’s Elementary School generously participate in projects which affect children their age.

Once ISD students discover the goals of the many local projects in- and outside ISD and do their research on some of the global needs, they soon find a way to act, to reflect and to act again.

Projects become their projects. By serving they become more responsible citizens. Their projects become ISD’s “World citizenship projects”. Everyone involved is already making a difference in our world.

The World Citizenship Projects of the 2014-2015 school year are:

  • Project Tanzania
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Global Issues Network (GIN)
  • UNICEF - Futuro Si - Médecins sans Frontières
  • Friedensdorf - Project Nepal
  • Project Laos - Movember - WWF
  • Red Nose - Project Medeor
  • German Red Cross…

These world citizenship projects are grouped in ISD’s Community and Service Association “Students helping others…”



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