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Mother Tongue Classes at the International School of Düsseldorf


Research shows without any doubt that it is essential for students to continue to develop their mother tongue language and for this reason we offer mother tongue support in as many languages as possible. We strongly encourage students to continue the development of their mother tongue by taking part in these classes.

Many students will return to their home countries to continue their education and of course they also need to be able to continue to communicate with family and friends at home.

Mother tongue classes at ISD

At ISD, German students all study their mother tongue during the school day.

Japanese mother tongue classes are provided for students from grade 6 – 12.

Other languages are offered as mother tongue classes after school and the classes are arranged according to need.  ISD provides the rooms for these classes but the parents of the students arrange private payment with the teacher.

At present we have mother tongue classes in the following languages: Swedish, Finnish, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Russian.

Every effort will be made to provide mother tongue classes for other languages as the need arises.

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