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As English is not only the working language of the school, but also of international business, the Internet and travel, we realize the importance of its mastery to our students. We consider the study of literature and modern media technology to be indispensable tools for the development of language skills.

Furthermore, we recognize and respect the varied interests, abilities, needs and diverse cultural backgrounds of our students and whenever possible select our texts and teaching materials from a broad variety of world literature in addition to texts originally written in English.

The English curriculum for Grades 6-12 embraces the philosophies of both the MYP (Middle Years Programme) and the DP (Diploma Programme) of the International Baccalaureate.  All students new to ISD are evaluated upon entering the school and placed into the courses most appropriate to their linguistic ability and age level.

Our AIMS are:

  • To encourage students to develop effective listening and speaking skills
  • To enable students to read, comprehend, interpret and appreciate a broad variety of genres including both fictional and non-fictional texts
  • To provide opportunities for students to write meaningfully and effectively for a wide variety of purposes and audiences
  • To develop students’ critical awareness in viewing media
  • To develop students’ research skills using technological and informational resources

The goal of all teachers in the English Department is to provide challenging  opportunities and vital support for students to explore language through literature and educational audio-visual media which will enable them to gain a deeper understanding not only of themselves, but of the ever-expanding world in which they live.

Language is a key to global understanding.

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